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helping companies like yours meet the technology demands that the marketplace requires for you to stay competitive.


the vast majority of companies have a computer network which greatly facilitates their ability to conduct business efficiently. Unfortunately, with this complexity comes dependency and thus it is vitally important that companies keep their computer networks up and running.

The team here at MTech helps you do exactly that - we keep your computer networks up and running smoothly.

Since 1988, MTech NIS has been helping businesses like yours to not only keep your computers running, but also derive maximum benefit from the technology that gives your company a competitive edge.

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  • We focus on your computers so that you can focus on your core business.
  • We help you meet the challenge of utilizing technology without having to become a technology specialist yourself.
  • We provide a single point of contact for your IT needs.
  • Call MTech NIS today for a no-cost review of your current technology position.